Tuesday, November 8, 2011

If you were to look back on your high school years, what advice would you give to someone beginning their high school career? (Simmons)

If I were to look back on my high school years and give advice to new students, I will tell them to enjoy their 9th grade because as soon as they enter 10th grade they will have not much time to enjoy their life. Unlike middle school, we get much more homework in high school, therefore ‘never delay your homework’ you will just have bunch of them at the end and won’t have enough time to finish them. Always finish the work before the deadline or you will be working on it just the night before. It is not only homework which matters, some people might think “High school will be easy and I don’t really need to work hard” However, their ideas about high school is wrong. The grades in high school can either make your life miserable or cheerful. Because the grades given in high school will be given to the college, they will decide if they are going to accept you or not. And this will change your future job, which eventually changes your entire life. Even though I said enjoy the 9th grade, for some people it can be a great opportunity to pull up their GPA. Since high school cumulative GPA contains the entire grade from 9th ~ 12th grade, it is an opportunity to get high grade in easy 9th grade and you can be more relaxed. Lastly most important advice throughout the high school career, ‘choose your friends wisely’. I am not saying it is bad to be friends with everyone, but sometimes it can lead you into wrong direction. Majority of the high school students who takes drugs or smoke, started because of the peer pressure. Since there were lots of friends who smoked and took drugs even they eventually started. These are some small advice for your high school career and hope you do your best. There is a Korean saying “If you study harder your future wife will change” I am not sure what it is trying to say, but I guess, by studying hard you can achieve something better than what you can achieve now.

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